Hot and Cold Alkaline Water Right at Your Home with iCoStilwaters Purifier

Is the water that you are drinking safe? Containers properly sanitized? Handled by personnel with prescribed PPE’s? Delivery vehicles not expose to dust or direct sunlight? During these times, safety is a necessity. It’s best to have a refilling station right in your home.

With iCoStilwaters Purifier, you can set up your own hot and cold alkaline water desktop dispenser at your home. Get unlimited hot and cold alkaline water directly connected to the faucet with iCoStilwaters Purifier.


For only P25,000, you get a submeter, pre-filter, five (5) stages filters (quality filters made from Korea), spout, and installation (plumbing accessories not included).

Filter Replacements Available

Filters are most effective within 12 months use or 6,000 liters of water filtered, whichever comes first.

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is a water with a pH of 8 or more. Pure water has a neutral pH of 7. Regular drinking water is typically acidic, with a pH of 6 or less.

7 Benefits of Alkaline Water

  • balances the bodies PH levels
  • reduced acid reflux
  • weight loss
  • boosts metabolism
  • aids digestion
  • reduces the risk of metabolic acidosis
  • improves hydration

Advantages of using iCoStilwaters Purifier

  • Convenience
    • Located just right in your kitchen sink.
    • No electricity needed.
  • Proven safe
    • Have been used for more than 4 years by more than 200 clients.
    • Have 5 stages of filters to screen out all the harmful elements.
    • Passed laboratory test.
  • Healthy
    • Produces fresh alkaline water.
    • Good minerals are not screened out but are retained in the water.
  • Privileges
    • 6 months warranty against defective parts or installation.
    • Direct access to the exclusive distributor’s email address for speedy response to your concerns or complaints.
    • Earn rewards for endorsing clients.


For orders or inquiries, you may contact 0917-136-6335.