Transform Your Laundry Experience with Dirt Bag

Embrace Laundry as a Lifestyle

Discover the new era of laundry with Dirt Bag, now open at its newest location in Cagayan de Oro City, at the bustling corner of Pabayo and San Agustin Streets, adjacent to the cozy Daily Dose coffee shop. Just a short walk from Xavier University, this prime location is a game-changer for students and residents living in nearby dormitories, condos, and residential areas. Ditch the traditional laundry day drudgery. Dirt Bag brings a high-tech, user-friendly solution right at your fingertips.

A High-Tech Spin on Laundry

They’re here to change the narrative around laundry, from a tedious chore to an integral, enjoyable part of your dynamic lifestyle. Embrace their mantra, “Launder it right! Do the Swipe!” and revolutionize the way you think about laundry by downloading the app at With their app, managing your laundry is a breeze, freeing up your precious time for what truly matters. 

Customized Laundry Services Just for You

No matter how packed your schedule or unique your laundry preferences, Dirt Bag Pabayo stands ready to serve. Do-it-yourself (DIY) with their self-service machines, or entrust your laundry to their staff. Can’t leave home or too busy? Opt for their pickup and delivery service for the ultimate convenience, or give your delicate items the special attention they deserve with their dry cleaning service.

Innovative Perks Await!

  • Exclusive Drop-Off Parking: Their dedicated parking makes dropping off your laundry effortless.
  • All-Inclusive Care: Enjoy garments that are returned clean, folded, and ready to wear with their Wash-Dry-Fold-Packaging service.
  • Around-the-Clock Access: With hours from 7 AM to 7 PM daily, we accommodate both early birds and night owls, ensuring their operating schedule fits your laundry day.

Upgrade Your Self-Service Laundry Experience

At Dirt Bag Pabayo branch, turn your self-service laundry experience into a relaxing escape by enjoying a delicious coffee break at the Daily Dose coffee shop right next door. It’s the ideal way to wait —just you relaxing and sipping a cup of coffee while our laundry machines do their thing.

Stay in the Loop

Keep up with the latest in laundry technology and exclusive promotions by visiting and following our story on Facebook at At Dirt Bag Laundry, we’re dedicated to more than just clean clothes; we’re passionate about enriching your lifestyle.

To inquire or book your upcoming laundry service, reach out to us at 09351129500. Discover the unique Dirt Bag experience at our Pabayo branch and allow us to elevate your boring laundry routine into a relaxing lifestyle choice!