Tako Tako Queen is Now Open in Robinsons Iligan

Japan’s famous street food is now in the City of Waterfalls, Iligan City. Tako Tako Queen is now open in Robinsons Iligan.

Takoyaki was first popularized in Osaka where street vendors is credited with its invention in 1935 and later spread in different areas in Japan. It is also very popular in Taiwanese cuisine due to the historical influence of Japanese culture.

Perk up your day and indulge in a guilt-free yum of our authentic takoyaki here at Tako Tako Queen! Experience love in every bite with our Original Octo Bits, BEEF Bacon n Cheese, Crab & Corn, Hotate Yaki(Scallops) and Octo Baby variants — a taste worth remembering.


  • Tako Tako Queen is located at Robinsons Place Iligan, Ground Floor – West Wing.


  • You may also place your orders via FoodPanda or Mr. P Express (0975-222-8655)


Here are some photos of Tako Tako Queen during the store blessing and grand opening on June 22, 2022.