Siquijor Airport with New Passengers Terminal Building Latest Update

Watch the latest update of the Siquijor Airport with a new Passengers Terminal Building (PTB).

The Siquijor airport project in Cang-alwang, Siquijor, involved the construction of the new 656-square meter Passengers Terminal Building (PTB) implemented and funded by DOTr.

To date, the completion rate for the construction of the new Passengers Terminal Building is placed at 62 percent with three major remaining activities, namely: ceiling, finishes for the flooring, and the glass panels to be installed as partitions for the building.

The project is part of the “Build, Build, Build” (BBB) Program that Pres. Rodrigo Duterte initiated which seeks to accelerate infrastructure spending and develop industries (tourism and economic development for Siquijor) that will yield robust growth, create jobs, and improve the lives of the people.

Siquijor Airport is a community feeder aerodrome serving the general area of the town of Siquijor, located in the province of Siquijor in the Philippines.

The airport is classified as a community airport by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

Video courtesy of Drayber TV.