Revolutionizing Motorcycle Rides for Faster, Safer, and More Reliable Transportation – Angkas

In the bustling streets of cities, where traffic congestion is a daily challenge, an efficient and reliable mode of transportation is the game changer. One innovative solution that has emerged in recent years is Angkas. It is a motorcycle ride hailing platform which is transforming the way people travel. By combining technology, safety measures, and skilled drivers —Angkas is providing a faster, safer, and more reliable option for commuting.  The on demand platform is also offering a range of benefits that are reshaping urban mobility.

Enhanced Safety Measures

While motorcycles offer swift maneuverability, safety is of paramount concern. Angkas prioritizes biker and passenger safety by implementing strict guidelines and rigorous training for its bikers. Each Angkas biker undergoes comprehensive safety training, including defensive driving techniques and passenger handling protocols. Additionally, Angkas enforces the use of helmets for both riders and passengers, providing an extra layer of protection. By promoting responsible riding practices and emphasizing safety, Angkas has significantly contributed to reducing accidents and improving road safety in urban areas. In fact, Angkas has a 99.997% record in terms of road safety.

Speed and Efficiency

Angkas takes advantage of motorcycles’ agility and nimbleness, allowing riders to bypass traffic snarls and arrive at their destinations faster than traditional four-wheeled vehicles. With motorcycles weaving through narrow gaps, riders can efficiently navigate congested roads. This enables every Filipino commuter to reach their desired locations faster than other modes of public transportation. This speed not only saves precious commuting hours but also improves overall productivity, making Angkas a convenient option for locals who value their time. .

Skilled and Professional Drivers

The success of Angkas can be attributed to its pool of skilled and professional drivers with over 27,000 accredited bikers. These riders are meticulously selected, trained, and equipped with the necessary skills to navigate challenging traffic conditions. Angkas bikers are known for their knowledge of local roads, ensuring that passengers reach their destinations swiftly and efficiently. Moreover, Angkas places great emphasis on customer service, fostering a friendly and courteous experience for every passenger. The commitment to professionalism and customer satisfaction sets Angkas apart from other transportation options.

Real-time Tracking and Convenience

Angkas harnesses the power of technology to provide a seamless and convenient experience for passengers. The Angkas mobile app enables users to book rides effortlessly, providing real-time tracking and estimated arrival time. This feature allows commuters to plan their schedules accordingly, ensuring punctuality while minimizing waiting time. Furthermore, the app provides upfront pricing, eliminating any surprises when it comes to fare calculation. The combination of real-time tracking and transparent pricing enhances the overall convenience and reliability of Angkas.

Accessibility and Affordability

Angkas plays a crucial role in addressing transportation accessibility issues in densely populated cities. It has the ability to weave through traffic and reach areas inaccessible to larger vehicles. Angkas provides transportation solutions in underserved neighborhoods and congested urban areas. Moreover, fares are generally more affordable compared to other ride-hailing services. Affordability makes Angkas an attractive option for Filipino commuters seeking cost-effective transportation alternatives. The Angkas app has over 4 million downloads and counting.


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In an era where time is of the essence, Angkas has emerged as a game changer in urban mobility — Revolutionizing motorcycle rides for faster, safer, and more reliable transportation. By leveraging motorcycles’ agility, emphasizing safety measures, and employing skilled drivers, Angkas has successfully transformed the way people commute. With its commitment to efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction, Angkas has become a preferred choice for millions, offering a glimpse into the future of faster, safer, and more reliable motorcycle rides.