VIDEO: Envizion Philippines Summer Event

Watch the highlights of the unforgettable summer night with Envizion Philippines filled with music, games, performances, and fun held on April 13, 2019, at the De Oro Sagatech Resort in Cagayan de Oro City.

The Summer Event started with an introduction by Rorhy and Jannus. Followed by a welcome message by Shunsuke Mizushima then picture taking. After that, the first performance by Gabriel Mark Sasoy, followed by Eggplant and Bottlecap Relay. Dinner was served after the first performance then followed by the second performance by the Dance Club, Apple Eating game, and an inspirational message by Yasushi Nishijo and Geneveve Bacang. It was then followed by the 3rd performance by Ricky Villanueva, Aquaman and Lil Mermaid game. The party was officially started by Jilyn Dascula, Carmelo Niel, Petalcorin and MJ de Borja. Then followed by a final performance by Apoy CDO and ended by a pool party for the rest of the night.