Clean and Safe Mother Support Center at ALIMA in Uptown CDO

Moms, want to take some time off and relax? Looking for a safe and clean place to get a massage? Here’s what you’re looking for. Prenatal massage, postnatal massage (even for post-CS mommies), baby massage, lactation massage to increase your milk supply at ALIMA Mother Support Center. Book a session today!

About Alima

Alima (bisaya word that means to nurture, foster, or support) offers services and products to care for mothers to give the little ones the best starts in life.


  • Haplos: Prenatal massage (P850)
    • Our growing baby is a joy. But their growth places pressure on our circulation. Light gentle strokes help improve blood circulation and promote muscle relaxation.
  • Gabay: Breastfeeding counseling (P850)
    • Breastfeeding is a skill to be learned. Let us help you meet your breastfeeding goals by giving you evidence-based information and skilled lactation support.
  • Balik: Relactation therapy (P2,000)
    • Relactation is the process of bringing back dried-up milk. Bringing your baby back to the breast is possible. It is an effective intervention that requires full trust and commitment.
  • Alima Gold: Prenatal & lactation massage therapy (P1,650)
    • Trademark golden service of ALIMA. Get a fully relaxing experience of a postnatal massage along with a lactation massage to loosen clogged ducts and help stimulate milk glands to help boost your milk supply.


ALIMA Mother Support Center is located at Unit 4B H Building (with elevator), Masterson Avenue, Upper Carmen, 9000 Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. They’re open daily from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM.

Bookings and reservation

You can book a session anytime that fits your convenience here


For inquiries, you can call them at 0915 486 8868 or email [email protected].

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