Virtual Intelligence Celebrates Two: Hiring More Virtual Employees

Virtual Intelligence (VI) has just hit a significant milestone, celebrating two years of success and innovation in the realm of virtual employment. As they mark their second anniversary, the digital employment pioneer continues to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity, proving to be a stronghold in the virtual employment industry.

2nd Anniversary Celebration

The serene Country Village Hotel in Cagayan de Oro City served as the backdrop for the festivities that unfolded to commemorate this special occasion. From the moment the day kicked off with a lively parade showcasing the VI team’s vibrant spirit, it was clear that this was a celebration of passion, commitment, and a shared vision.

An energizing light breakfast gave way to a series of activities that highlighted the camaraderie and community that Virtual Intelligence fosters within its team. A memorable pictorial captured the essence of the VI family, a visual testament to the strong bonds and collective achievements that have defined the company’s two-year journey.

Emotions ran high as team members shared their experiences and gratitude through speeches, toasts, and heartfelt messages. Thanksgiving was the theme that resonated throughout the event, with every member of the VI family sharing in the joy of the company’s success. It was a day of reflection on the past and optimism for the future, embodying the innovative and connective spirit that Virtual Intelligence stands for.

The celebration was not just about looking back but also setting the stage for the future. Virtual Intelligence is poised for growth, and they’re inviting more individuals to join their ranks as they expand their virtual employment services. VI is seeking to hire more Virtual Employees, opening up opportunities for skilled individuals eager to excel in the digital workspace.

Hiring More VEs

Potential candidates should note the hiring requirements and compensation details, which reflect VI’s commitment to providing competitive remuneration and a supportive work environment. Aspiring Virtual Employees must have at least 5 years of BPO experience and be ready to engage in a range of tasks that showcase their versatility and expertise in the virtual domain.

Compensation Package

The compensation package is attractive, with incremental increases that reward commitment and performance over time. Training rates start at $4/hour, equivalent to roughly PHP 32,000 per month, with the promise of a raise after 60 days with a client. As employees progress, the pay scale is designed to reflect their growing contribution to the company, peaking at around PHP 50,000 per month after one year, plus eligibility for a yearly increase and HMO benefits after the first year.

Apply Now

Send your resume and video to [email protected].

As Virtual Intelligence celebrates its 2nd anniversary, they’re looking to the future with ambition and anticipation. They invite passionate, skilled, and dedicated individuals to become a part of their success story. It’s not just a job opportunity; it’s a chance to be part of a movement that is shaping the future of work. Happy 2nd Anniversary, Virtual Intelligence, and here’s to many more years of connecting talents and shaping the digital landscape!