P137-Million Macasandig – Balulang Access Road Update as of May 2020

Here’s the latest progress update of the P137-Million Macasandig – Balulang access road, bridge, and mega dike as of May 2020.

The Macasandig – Balulang access road project costs P137,803,068.46 connecting Barangay Macasanding and Balulang. It’s the 7th bridge crossing the Cagayan de Oro River. The bridge is 240 meters long and has a carriageway width of 7.32 meters and a 1.1-meter sidewalk for pedestrian

As seen in the update, there’s an ongoing construction of bridge approach along Barangay Balulang. Access road along Barangay Balulang is still under development connecting to Balulang Road. There are 2 abutments and 5 piers that support the bridge. The bridge will serve as an alternate route for motors traversing between the eastern and western side of the city.

Macasandig – Balulang – Rodelsa Circle – Taguanao crossing is also visible in the update. From Macasanding, to the right is going to Rodelsa Circle, to the left is going to Taguanao. The Balulang Road approach is still ongoing development Bridge approach along Barangay Macasandig is under construction.

The mega dike serves as an access road going to Rodelsa Circle and Taguanao.

Check out the aerial photos of the P137-Million Macasandig – Balulang Access Road Update as of May 2020 below.

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