Ofoodie, a New Food Delivery App Replicating SM Mall Dining Experience

Qomunica Software Development Services, a tech startup based in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, in partnership with SM CDO Downtown Premier and SM City Cagayan de Oro, launched Ofoodie, a new food delivery app with a special feature replicating the SM Mall dining experience. The app aims to address the demand of the food delivery market and focus on customer convenience through the promise of ‘One Delivery’ for orders from restaurants located in SM Malls.

The app highlights its ‘in-mall concierge model’ that replicates the mall dining experience by giving customers the ability to order from different restaurants located in SM Malls and combining them in one single transaction. This provides customers the convenience of paying only one delivery fee and receiving the delivery with one wait time for all the food orders made. Ofoodie is the first food delivery app in the country to introduce this model.

Ofoodie joins the food delivery market which has seen an increase in demand as a major delivery solution with the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic limiting transportation through lockdowns. The introduction of food delivery apps is helping business especially the one being hit hardest by the economic fall-out of the pandemic.

The development and release of Ofoodie build exciting news for the country as more and more people are adopting online food delivery. The app’s future enhancement includes a direct-to-restaurant model that gives the merchants and business owners the power to manage their business from order management to delivery using the app. This is one of Qomunica’s ways to advance the company’s advocacy; to develop apps that will help digitalize the needs of consumers and micro, small, and medium enterprises.

About Ofoodie:

Ofoodie was launched by Qomunica Software Development Services in partnership with SM CDO Downtown Premier to meet the demands of the food delivery market, especially due to the pandemic. Qomunica is a homegrown software development company based here in Cagayan de Oro City and Ofoodie is one of their flagship apps. With the help of SM Supermalls, the app was first introduced to CDO last December 2020 specifically here in SM CDO Downtown Premier, in time for the holidays.

The original concept of Ofoodie is a direct-to kitchen model where restaurants will be directly managing their deliveries using Ofoodie, from accepting orders to preparation and setting up their own delivery. The new idea came about because there was a need to replicate the dining experience of SM customers, thus, the in-mall concierge was developed.

Because of the good reception of customers, Ofoodie was also launched in SM City Cagayan de Oro last February 2021. With only 3 months from the date the app was released, Ofoodie is already getting brand recognition in and outside Cagayan de Oro City. Looking forward to launching Ofoodie to more SM Malls in the next few months and hopefully for the app to be available in the entire Philippines.

What is Ofoodie?

Ofoodie is an Order Management System and Food Delivery App that introduces two food delivery models.

  1. In-Mall Concierge – This model replicates the mall dining experience of customers by giving them the ability to order from different restaurants in SM Malls and combining it in one single transaction. This provides customer the convenience of paying only one delivery fee and receiving the delivery with one wait time for all the orders they made. Ofoodie is the first app in the country to introduce this delivery model.
  2. Direct-to-Merchant – A future app enhancement, is the second delivery model outside of SM Mall, that makes use of Ofoodie as ‘Software As A Service’ or SaaS, where restaurants can manage their orders from customer direct to kitchen for a minimal service fee. This guarantees the food is personally cooked, prepared, assembled and delivered by the restaurant for the customer.

Grand Media Launch

Qomunica launched Ofoodie on March 25, 2021 at SM Downtown Premier. Check out the photos below.

Free delivery promo

Free delivery for all orders from SM Malls. Applies to first 5km from SM Mall. Valid until April 30, 2021.

What Makes Ofoodie Different?

Multiple orders Different Restos ONE DELIVERY

You can combine Multiple Orders from Different Restaurants located in SM Mall and have it delivered as One. The Ofoodie staff will combine all your orders, carefully assemble and pack it for delivery, true to the Ofoodie tagline “Food you love right at your doorstep.”

ONE DELIVERY means you only pay for one delivery fee and only wait for one delivery rider to bring you all the food you ordered. Save time. Save money. It’s like dining in your favorite mall, only virtually.

Ofoodie also strongly believes in supporting Small and Medium Enterprise businesses, that is why the rate by which the app applies service fee is way lower by 60% than all the delivery apps in the market. That is why, there is a better price matching on Ofoodie app and store price.

Being a local product of Cagayan de Oro City, Ofoodie is also supportive of the Go Lokal initiative of Department of Trade and Industry and initially partnered with local restaurant-tenants of SM CDO Downtown Premier. With the plan to deploy direct-to-restaurant model in the future, Ofoodie will push to partner with local businesses.

Customer Advantages:

  • Digital: Ofoodie is a mobile delivery app
  • App Experience: The app is intuitive, user-friendly, and has a minimalist design
  • Access: The delivery has 5KM radius coverage which opens to more customers around SM Mall branch
  • Options: Customer can choose to pick-up or have the order for delivery
  • Product Price: Actual restaurant and Ofoodie menu price margin is better because Ofoodie applies a minimal service fee compared to other apps that charge up to 30%.
  • All-in-One: Customer can order from multiple restaurants of their choice and create their own personalized dining experience
  • Cost-Effective: Because the order is assembled and delivered as one, customer will only pay one delivery fee.
  • Efficient: Because the order is delivered as one, delivery wait time for all orders is more efficient
  • Customer Experience: Extreme convenience replicating mall dining experience

How to Order:

  • Login to create your profile and verify your address.
  • Select the mall nearest you and browse through the array of menus and restaurants.
  • Choose your favorite meal from different restaurants, add them all to your tray.
  • Proceed to billing, confirm your address, select if delivery or pick, as well as the payment method. Submit your order.
  • Monitor the progress of your order and wait for the delivery or pick it up when it’s ready.

Download the Ofoodie app:

Ofoodie app is on iOS App Store and Android Play Store. Download now!


App Name: Ofoodie
Category: Food Delivery Mobile App
Developer: Qomunica Software Development Services Release Date: December 11, 2020
App Availability: iOS App Store and Android Play Store

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