Davao’s FIFA Standard Stadium, Largest in PH: Hosting Big Events

In the heart of the vibrant city of Davao, the Philippines proudly boasts its largest stadium, the Davao City-UP Sports Complex. This world-class sporting arena is designed to meet FIFA standards, setting the stage for epic matches and grand events. With a seating capacity of 30,000 and a host of impressive features, it stands ready to host big events, including the prestigious AFC Asian Cup. Let’s take a closer look at this magnificent venue and the potential it holds for both national and international sports spectacles.

A Grandeur of Spectator Capacity

The Davao City-UP Sports Complex stands tall with a capacity to accommodate 30,000 enthusiastic spectators. This vast seating arrangement ensures that a sea of passionate fans can gather to witness thrilling sporting events and cheer on their favorite teams with unwavering support.

Embodying FIFA Standards

Constructed to adhere to FIFA’s stringent guidelines, the Davao City-UP Sports Complex embodies excellence in sports infrastructure. From pitch specifications to amenities and facilities, every aspect is meticulously designed to meet FIFA’s international standards, making it an ideal venue for football competitions of the highest level.

Ready for Prestige: AFC Asian Cup Hosting

With its FIFA-approved specifications and world-class facilities, the Davao City-UP Sports Complex is more than suitable to host an AFC Asian Cup match. This prestigious tournament draws top teams from across Asia, and the stadium’s readiness to host such grand events is a testament to its caliber.

Versatility at Its Finest

The Davao City-UP Sports Complex is not limited to just football; it is a multi-faceted marvel. Boasting a state-of-the-art football field, a track oval for athletics, and a multi-purpose building, it is equipped to host various sporting events, from football matches to track and field competitions.

Vastness in Beauty: Davao City–UP Sports Complex

Spread across a sprawling 20-hectare area, the Davao City–UP Sports Complex stands as a testament to the Philippines’ commitment to developing top-notch sporting infrastructure. Its vastness not only provides ample space for sports but also opens up opportunities for hosting cultural events and large-scale gatherings.

The Price of Excellence

To achieve excellence in sports infrastructure, a significant investment was made. The construction of the Davao City-UP Sports Complex came at a cost of P8 billion, showcasing the government’s dedication to providing athletes and spectators with top-tier facilities.

A Sporting Haven with Multiple Facilities

Beyond its renowned football field, the Davao City-UP Sports Complex offers a wide range of sporting facilities. A versatile multi-purpose gymnasium caters to various indoor sports and recreational activities, while an Aquatics Center boasts an Olympic-sized swimming pool, warm-up/warm-down pool, and a diving pool, making it a prime destination for aquatic sports events.

A Venue for National and International Glory

The Davao City-UP Sports Complex has quickly become a symbol of national pride, serving as a prestigious venue for both national and international games. Its world-class amenities attract athletes and teams from around the globe, elevating the status of Philippine sports on the international stage.

Part of the sports complex was used for the 2019 Palarong Pambansa, and 2019 Davao Regional Athletic Association (DAVRAA) Meet.

Strategic Location at UP Mindanao

Nestled within the serene campus of the University of the Philippines Mindanao, in Bago-Oshiro, Davao City, the sports complex enjoys a strategic location. Its proximity to urban centers and accessibility to transportation make it a convenient and sought-after destination for sports enthusiasts.

July 2023 Update

As we gaze upon the latest aerial photos of the Davao City-UP Sports Complex in July 2023, we are filled with pride and anticipation. The largest stadium in the Philippines, constructed to FIFA standards with a myriad of exceptional features, is set to host big events that will captivate Filipinos and leave an indelible mark on Philippine history. With a multi-purpose gymnasium, an Aquatics Center, and its strategic location within the University of the Philippines Mindanao, this complex is poised to shape the future of Philippine sports, elevating it to unprecedented heights of greatness. As athletes and spectators alike step foot into this magnificent venue, they enter a world of excellence, united by the spirit of sportsmanship and the thrill of witnessing grand events in the heart of Davao City.