VIDEO: Transformation of Seven Seas Waterpark to October 2017 Opening Month

Watch the transformation video of Seven Seas Waterpark and Resort from June 2016 to October 2017 opening month in 4K.

Seven Seas Waterpark and Resort is the first world-class themed waterpark in the Philippines patterned from various waterparks abroad. The owners have traveled to waterpark destination resorts in Bali, Indonesia, Hainan, Guangzhou, and Shanghai in China, Singapore, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Orlando, and Tampa USA, to compile their concepts and ideas to make for a unique waterpark tourist destination for the country. Altogether, Seven Seas boasts of over 20 different slides, rides and attractions, as well as restaurants, cafes and food kiosks to service a visitor capacity of at least 2,000 pax daily.

The waterpark slides are perhaps some of the largest, tallest and most thrilling in the country. Specially built concrete towers as tall as seven-storey apartment buildings house the launch and entry points for the unique water slides not found elsewhere. The biggest funnel-shaped slide called the “Cyclone” gives riders in four-man rafts near vertical free fall oscillations before plunging into the landing pool. Its lazy river is also the longest in the country giving floaters nearly half a kilometer rapidly flowing ride with extreme waves at some point.


The “Cyclone” is the largest waterslide in the Philippines. It is a huge conical steel fiberglass structure 20 meters in diameter, which can accommodate a four-person raft which drops from a five-storey launch tube. Riders experience near vertical spins and wallops as the raft swings on the funnel walls before plunging into the landing pool.

The “Mighty Maui River” is also the longest lazy river in the country having a whopping 400 meter (1,312 ft) length. There is also a powerful wave generator giving people on inflatables an exciting time as they snake thru islands, low hanging bridges, and Fort San Agustin’s tunnel moat.

The ‘Jolly Roger” CombiTower is a seven-storey building which serves as the launching point of several other rides and slides. At the top level, the view offers a 270-degree view of the surrounding area traversed by the coastal diversion highway.

The “Plank Drop” is the first vertical aqua loop water slide in the country where riders are launched from a transparent capsule like cylinder from a height of 20 meters. This ride is not for the faint-hearted but provides riders and spectators total exhilaration since you can see thru the semi-translucent fiberglass tube.

The “Cutlass” is a 100-meter linear slide which gives riders two points of free fall sensation before stopping in a shower of spray.

The “Cannon Ball Run” is one of the country’s highest and fastest open slide where riders experience a longer free fall from five-storeys high at 50 km per hour.

The “Pacific Racer” is a three tube speed challenge slide where participants race against each other using special rubber mats as they launch from a height of 15 meters into claustrophobic spiral tubes leading to high-speed exit 100 meters away.

The “Buccaneer Bay” dual wave pool which is one of the Philippines largest (at nearly 5,000 square meters) offers families a distinct area where waves can range from 0.50 to 1.0-meter height and a separate venue for the brave boogie boarders who could ride its more powerful tsunami waves at 1-1.5meters high. The wave pool machines can be programmed for different patterns including those suitable for would be surfers wanting to learn the basics. Several Beachfront Gazebos offer guests an unimpeded vista of the wave pool and shipwreck backdrop plus a ringside view of Pool Island stage during special events like concerts and performing artists.

On the northern side of Seven Seas, the “Crow’s Nest” CombiTower offers a 360 view of the Macajalar Bay, Barra beaches, the Cagayan de Oro Harbour, Opol Beach resorts and the waterpark pools and amenities. There are open space floors on the combitowers which can be rented and repurposed for private groups and gatherings, giving guests a unique dining and party experience. On this six-storey structure are three major slide rides including the country’s first Boomerang Slide, and two other spiral slides.

The “Riptide Reef” Boomerang slide allows two riders on a special two hole inflatable rafts to experience slips and turns before sliding vertically into the bottom of a sheer wall. An extended free fall is experienced as the raft reverses direction and exits into the landing pool.

The “Escape Tunnel” is a fully enclosed tubular dark slide where riders experience twists and turns in complete darkness as they spiral into the landing pool.

The “Pira-Chute” is an open chute spiral slide where the rider rotates at least twice before landing in a spray of water and foam.

The “Captain Kidd’s Hideout” kiddie pool and slides and the “Pirates of Caraibes” aqua playhouse is for the young and old who just want to have safe, clean fun in a shallow rubber lined pool. A huge barrel of water cascades regularly to wet spectators and water spurts from nozzles in all directions. Small slides and platforms complement the experience of more adventurous kids and young adults.

Seven Seas Waterpark and Resort is located in Barra, Opol, Misamis Oriental, Philippines. It is set to open in October 2017. Date will be announced soon.