Project LUPAD Facebook Page Got Hacked

Project LUPAD Facebook page has been hacked.

On June 28 at 6PM, a person in the name of John Patrick set himself as Admin of the Project LUPAD page, we don’t know the person and didn’t invite him as Admin. He then set all the Administrator’s rights to “Analyst”, an Analyst has minimal view-only access of a page which can’t do anything. We reported the issue to Facebook, but we got no response yet.

As of June 29 at 2AM, the page has a new Administrator in the name of Linh Linh.

The page has been sharing malicious videos since it got hacked.

Currently, we are trying to regain control of the page which has 189K followers.

Page link:

How can you help?

  1. Help us report to Facebook that Project LUPAD page has been hacked.
  2. Help us report to Facebook all the malicious post shared on the page.
  3. If you know how to handle this, please share in the comment below.
  4. If you know someone on how to handle this, please share this to them.
  5. If you know someone working at Facebook, please share this to them and perhaps they can lead us to the right person who can help us regain our admin rights.
  6. Help us spread the word to escalate our concern to the Facebook team as soon as possible, the more noise the better.

Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you.