Premium Panels, Advertising, and Printing in CDO at PhilClad

In the dynamic world of advertising, capturing attention and conveying messages effectively is essential for businesses to thrive. PhilClad Advertising offers a wide range of printing and signage solutions that enable brands to make a lasting impact. In this article, we will explore the diverse offerings of PhilClad Advertising, including tarpaulin printing, signage options such as acrylic build-up and cutting, laser engraving, panaflex, neon lights, and stickers.

Services Offered:

  • Acrylic, Wood Laser Cutting & Engraving 
  • Tarpaulin printing
  • Panaflex printing
  • Sticker Vinyl
  • Signage (cut – out stickers)
  • Acrylic Build up Signages
  • Neon Lights 
  • Sticker on Sintra Board
  • T-shirt Printing DTF/VINYL 
  • PVC ID
  • Pull-up  and X-banner
  • Standee
  • BusinessCard 
  • Lanyard
  • Photo Printing
  • Laminating
  • Aluminum Composite Panels
  • Plaque Engraving ( Wood/Acrylic )


  • High-quality print and signage
  • More discounts on bulk orders
  • Acrylic and wood laser cutting 
  • Accept rush printing


  • PhilClad Panels Co. is located at National Highway cor President St. Zone 3 Barangay Agusan, Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental.


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Tarpaulin Printing: Dynamic Visual Communication:

Tarpaulin printing is a versatile and cost-effective advertising solution. With its smooth surface and high-resolution printing capabilities, tarpaulin allows businesses to create visually captivating advertisements. Whether it’s outdoor banners, event signage, or portable displays, tarpaulin printing offers flexibility, durability, and vibrant visuals that make brands stand out.

Acrylic Build-Up and Cutting: Creating Dimensional Impact:

Acrylic build-up and cutting techniques add a three-dimensional element to advertising displays. By layering and shaping acrylic materials, businesses can create eye-catching signage that adds depth and visual interest to their brand messaging. Acrylic cutting allows for precise customization, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with the brand’s aesthetics.

Laser Engraving: Detailed and Personalized Branding:
Laser engraving provides a unique way to personalize advertising materials. Whether it’s engraving logos, names, or intricate designs on various surfaces like wood, metal, or acrylic, laser engraving adds a touch of sophistication and craftsmanship to promotional items, plaques, and awards. This technique allows businesses to create memorable and personalized branding experiences.

Panaflex: Flexible and Impactful Signage:

Panaflex signage is a popular choice for outdoor advertising due to its flexibility and durability. This material is weather-resistant, making it suitable for various environmental conditions. Panaflex signage offers vibrant and long-lasting visuals, allowing brands to capture attention even from a distance. Its versatility makes it suitable for billboards, storefronts, and other large-scale advertising applications.

Neon Lights: A Timeless Advertising Medium:

Neon lights have a nostalgic charm that continues to captivate audiences. By incorporating neon lights into advertising displays, businesses can create a vibrant and attention-grabbing visual experience. Neon lights offer flexibility in terms of shapes, colors, and animations, allowing brands to create a unique and memorable ambiance that resonates with their target audience.

Stickers: Versatile Branding Solutions:

Stickers provide a versatile and cost-effective means of brand promotion. Whether it’s custom labels, vehicle wraps, or product stickers, these adhesive graphics enable businesses to spread their brand message effectively. Stickers can be used on various surfaces, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and allowing brands to maximize their visibility in both indoor and outdoor settings.

PhilClad Advertising offers an array of printing and signage solutions that empower businesses to create visually impactful and memorable advertising campaigns. From tarpaulin printing and acrylic build-up to laser engraving, panaflex signage, neon lights, and stickers, these diverse options provide the tools for brands to capture attention, convey messages effectively, and leave a lasting impression on their target audience. By leveraging the creative possibilities offered by PhilClad Advertising, businesses can enhance their brand visibility and connect with customers in a meaningful way. Embrace the diverse world of PhilClad Advertising and unlock new avenues for brand promotion and engagement.