VIDEO: Philippines’ Largest Inflatable Obstacle Course at Dahilayan Boot Camp

A glimpse of Dahilayan Boot Camp, the Philippines’ largest inflatable obstacle course, before the opening on December 15, 2018, at Dahilayan Adventure Park.

P250 for adults
P150 for kids below 4ft.
P50 for socks

Time Slots:
Morning pass: 9:00AM – 12:00NN
Afternoon pass: 1:00PM – 4:00PM

Morning pass holders may no longer play in the afternoon timeslot and vice versa.

The average person will finish the entire course in 30 minutes, but the rider may still play & stay in the inflatable area as long as the time is within his/her time slot.

1. No climbing on the walls between activities or around the outside of the arena.
2. No rough play, wrestling, tackling or shoving.
3. No leaning or climbing on netting
4. No sitting or lying on the inflatables.
5. Do not attempt any move beyond your own skill level.
6. Remove all items from your pockets before entering the inflatable playground.
7. No keys, keychains, sharp or pointed items on the inflatable playground.
8. No belt buckles or studs on clothing.

Age & Height:
The minimum age to play is 4 years old, while the minimum height is 42 inches or 2.5ft. All kids below 4ft MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.
A 1:1 adult-kid ratio is required for kids between 3.5ft to 4ft.

Proper Attire:
Socks must be worn at all times – no bare feet. Use of long pants or leggings and long sleeves are highly recommended to prevent minor friction burns which can occur when using inflatable activities. Clothing with buttons, zippers, or any sharp objects such as earrings, watches or rings are prohibited only when on bootcamp itself since it might damage the inflatables.

Food and drinks are not allowed on the inflatable playground.

Level of Difficulty:
There will be an area for beginners or children’s as well as more challenging ones. We recommend everyone to go at their own pace.

Selfie Sticks and Cameras:
Action cams, monopods and phones are allowed but please do take extra care when using these gadgets as not to injure yourself or other guests of the inflatable bootcamp.

Unleash your inner ninjas and conquer the 26-stage, 250-meter long inflatable obstacle course. Check out the Dahilayan Boot Camp photos here:

Dahilayan Adventure Park is located in Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, Philippines.