P941-Million Barandias-Dominorog Road Linking Cagayan de Oro-Camp Kibaritan to Maramag-Maradugao Road

Watch the 23.83 KM 4-Lane Barandias-Dominorog Road linking Cagayan de Oro-Camp Kibaritan to Maramag-Maradugao Road. It’s a multi-year funded project from 2015 – 2018 with a total project cost of Php 941,584,000.00.

The road helps improve the agricultural community along the area especially the delivery of commercial goods from one municipality to the next with reduced travel time. Basic government services are now extended to far-flung communities and remote areas with the utilization of this road.

Military detachments are present at specific locations ensuring the safety of the traveling public who prefers to take the said route.

Drone pilot: DPWH X