New iCO Townhomes at Green East Subdivision in Lumbia CDO

Green East Subdivision in the tranquil Palalan, Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro City, witnessed an exclusive gathering of real estate professionals on the beautiful afternoon of November 18. The Sunset Sessions Open House, a brokers and agents exclusive event, was meticulously orchestrated in partnership with Golden City Properties, marking the launch of the much-anticipated iCO Townhomes.

The event kicked off promptly at 3 PM under the vast Cagayan de Oro afternoon sky, offering a tapestry of orange and purple hues as the perfect backdrop for an afternoon filled with networking, exploration, and celebration. Attendees were welcomed at SM Northwing for a shuttle pickup service, ensuring a seamless experience right from the start. Registration details were efficiently managed by a dedicated team, ready to guide the guests through the afternoon’s lineup.

The program ensured a structured yet engaging experience for all. It began with a blessing, setting a reflective tone, followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony graced by special guests, symbolizing the opening of new possibilities with iCO Townhomes. The project tour offered an intimate look at the townhomes’ features, with live coverage provided by influential media partner Katawa CDO with Project LUPAD and CDODev, ensuring the event’s moments were captured and shared across various platforms.

A key highlight of the afternoon was the raffle, a gesture of appreciation towards the brokers and agents, with prizes that added an extra layer of excitement to the event. It was not just about business; it was about building a community.

The iCO Townhomes Launch was not merely an event but a testament to Golden City Properties’ commitment to providing not just homes but gateways to new beginnings. With only 5 exclusive units available, it emphasized the uniqueness and limited opportunity presented to prospective homeowners. The financial ease was also highlighted, with a total cashout of just 1.9M PHP and the openness to OFW bank financing, making it an attractive and accessible investment.

The Sunset Sessions served as more than just a showcase of property; it was a harmonious blend of business and leisure, an embodiment of the Kagay-anon spirit – warm, welcoming, and forward-thinking. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the event concluded on a note of high spirits and optimism, with the promise of iCO Townhomes not just as structures but as the foundation for a developing community.