VIDEO: New Clark City Athletic Stadium as of July 2018

Watch the latest progress of the 20,000 seating capacity Athletic Stadium for the 30th SEA (Southeast Asian) Games 2019 at the New Clark City, Tarlac, Philippines.

According to its master plan design, the Athletic Stadium, which had its design was derived from Mount Pinatubo, will have its walls made from lahar or volcanic debris from the volcano. Its ringed roofline will be made to resemble a crater and be defined by a series of curving canopies. The facade will be ornated with gold-colored structural steel frames which will exhibit a “V” shape similar to frames found in the parol.

The Athletic Stadium is set for completion in September 2019 in time for the country’s hosting of the 30th Southeast Asian Games from November 30 to December 10, 2019.

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