Mindanao’s Iconic Panguil Bay Bridge Progress You Need to Know

The Panguil Bay Bridge (PBB), touted as the longest bridge in Mindanao, is an ambitious infrastructure project that aims to enhance connectivity and promote economic growth in the region. Spanning the picturesque Panguil Bay, the 3.169-KM Panguil Bay bridge will connect the municipalities of Tubod in Lanao del Norte and Tangub in Misamis Occidental, providing a vital link between the two provinces and opening up opportunities for trade, tourism, and development. As of July 2023, the Panguil Bay Bridge project is 73% complete, with significant strides toward its completion.

Project Details

  • Name of Project: Design-Build for the Construction of Panguilb Bay Bridge Project, Tubod, Lanao del Norte & Tangub City, Misamis Occidental, KEDCF Loan Agreement No. PHL-18
  • Location: Tubod, Lanao del Norte & Tangub City, Misamis Occidental
  • Name of Contractor: Namkwang-Kukdong-Gumgwang J.V.
  • Date Started: February 28, 2020
  • Contract Completion Date: June 30, 2024
  • Implementing Office: RMC II (Multilateral) UPMO
  • Source of Fund: KEDCF Loan Agreement No. PHL-18
  • Estimated Budget: P7.3 Billion
  • Travel Time: Reduce travel time to only 7 minutes from 2.5 hours
  • Project Length: 3.169 KM
    • Tubod Side: 1.589 KM
    • Main Bridge: 320 Meters
    • Tangub Side: 1.260 KM
  • Also called as the “Bridge of Peace and Unity”

Construction Timeline

  • Groundbreaking on November 27, 2018
  • Construction started on February 28, 2020
  • 51.4% complete as of June 2022
  • 56% complete as of July 2022
  • 58.95% complete as of September 2022
  • 61% complete as of December 2022
  • 69% complete as of May 2023
  • 73% complete as of July 2023
  • 90% complete by December 2023
  • 95% complete by March 2024
  • 100% complete by June 2024

Construction Milestones

Since its groundbreaking ceremony in 2018, the Panguil Bay Bridge has been an ongoing endeavor. Over the past five years, considerable progress has been made, reflecting the government’s commitment to prioritize infrastructure development in Mindanao. As of the latest aerial survey in July 2023, the following notable milestones have been completed.

Economic Impact

The completion of the Panguil Bay Bridge is expected to have a transformative impact on the region. The bridge’s strategic location will facilitate more efficient movement of goods and people between Lanao del Norte and Misamis Occidental. Here are some anticipated benefits:

  1. Trade and Commerce: The bridge will create new avenues for trade, enabling businesses in both provinces to expand their reach and access new markets. It will also enhance the flow of agricultural products, boosting the region’s agricultural economy.
  2. Tourism and Development: Panguil Bay, renowned for its scenic beauty, will become more accessible to tourists. The bridge’s completion will attract visitors to explore the natural wonders and cultural attractions on both sides of the bay, promoting tourism growth and generating employment opportunities.
  3. Regional Integration: Improved connectivity will foster closer ties between Lanao del Norte and Misamis Occidental, encouraging collaboration in various sectors such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure development. This integration will contribute to the overall development and prosperity of Mindanao as a whole.

The progress update of the Panguil Bay Bridge as of July 2023 showcases the remarkable headway made on this groundbreaking project. As one of Mindanao’s most significant infrastructure endeavors, this bridge will serve as a catalyst for progress, promoting economic growth, regional integration, and enhanced connectivity. With its completion drawing closer, the Panguil Bay Bridge is poised to become a symbol of Mindanao’s resilience, initiative, and commitment to creating a brighter future for its people.