Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 Update (2B Asphalt) as of November 2020

Here’s the mid-November 2020 progress of the 18.68-KM Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 on its final stages with an asphalt coating.

It reduces travel time 2 hours to 30 minutes between NLEX and SLEX.

According to Dmitri Valencia, seems like its asphalt wearing course now for the river portion / section 2B #skywaystage3 , the asphalt works also reach section 3 as of documentation. This is a part of the mid month update for skyway stage 3 as the construction team working double time to meet the deadline. Unfortunately weather is not really cooperating these past few weeks. The camera direction is going northbound. Skyway stage 3 is a SMC Infrastructure project.

Drone pilot: Dmitri Valencia