Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 as of September 2019

Watch the latest update of the Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 as of September 2019. The elevated expressway will connect to the North Luzon Expressway in Quezon City and help cut the travel time between Manila and Clark International Airport in Pampanga. It is set for completion next year (2020).

Here’s an update from Dmitri Valencia:

The month of August passes by with many developments particular of section 2B and section 4

Section 1
2:18 – The Quirino off ramp is going smoothly, pier heads are now visible.. probably girders will be coming soon.

Section 2
3:20 – As for the Plaza Dilao area, things are very busy on this area. I documented various angle points to see the difference of this area.

5:43 The Nagtahan North West Bound or NB off ramp is visible now. I documented both sides of the Quirino segment of section 2A to see the changes in various points.

7:06 Tomas Claudio is now closed to public as pile boring activities commence to make way for the link between section 2a and 2b.

8:23 As for section 2b, we could see on going pouring activities especially along San Juan river. The two columns right after lubiran bridge is now visible, the pier head remains to be constructed.

11:29 More steel coping beams installed after Sevilla Bridge – along San Juan river. One of the things i am fond watching on the offshore portion is the backhoe and the barge, love to watch them maneuver and move from one place to the other.

12:48 – we were lucky to spot an installation process of steel coping beams

14:03 – Araneta avenue extension – now this was the highlight for the last days of August as ub girders installed on span 88 or above Lrt Line 2 for 7 days despite unfavorable weather conditions. I did spent time late night watching the process till the early hours of the morning. Will put a more detailed video and upload it here, this is just a snippet.

Section 3
18:21 We could now see the on and off ramps on this portion of section 3. As i post this video ongoing works on the ramps continue.

Section 4
20:15 See the pylons and ngcp post? New very tall post are now installed and relocating of lines are seen. I had a hard time using the selfie stick on this portion as the post are really tall!

21:18 The on going works along Araneta Avenue – Mauban area after Delmonte avenue. (multi screen post of different angles of this portion was included)

22:17 Now this are reminds me of NaiaX when the contractors were fast pacing the works, girders here and there.. many girders installed now

23:45 A glimpse of the future ramps on C3 Road

24:14 A deep / pile cap presuming.. seen here.. along the Cherrylume curve

Section 5
25:18 Now we see section 5 , the month of August was not a good month for the construction team here since a precast coping beam fell down, a 13th column and 13th precast beam got into an accident and luckily no one got hurt. Now pier 13 has been changed to pier 12B.

The unfinished gap on the entire #MetroManilaSkywayStage3 project is now getting smaller as the focus are on some areas. You could see the contractors are doing the best they can to speed up the works.

Drone pilot: xvsky | dmitrivalencia