VIDEO: Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 as of October 2018

Get the latest progress update of the Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 as of October 2018. The elevated expressway will connect to the North Luzon Expressway in Quezon City and help cut the travel time between Manila and Clark International Airport in Pampanga. Set for completion in 2020.

Drone pilot: xvsky | dmitrivalencia

Update from Dmitri Valencia:

This was taken on September 30 and to be presented on first day of October 2018. Taking advantage of the weekend and a fast progress of Section 2 of Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3. With in weeks the steel box girders in P83 to 84 for section 1 was completed. And as of this documentation, new steel box girders are being prepared for launching. It will be a very exciting weeks for this part of section 1. Also, the off ramp along Pacific Fumigation is moving. Pouring was done on the piers. We took a different angle of the section 2 area to see an alternative view of the progress of Metro Manila Skyway stage 3. The bridge along Old Sta Mesa Road was demolished this last week of September. More AASHTO girders were installed on the Plaza Dilao almost completing the area. Some houses were demolished along Paco Sta Mesa Road probably to make way for the erection of pier heads. We finally got a chance to see inside the SMYP Container Yard on the developments, you can see the steel (unibridge?) of Matierre in place probably being prepared for the San Juan river segment. Bauer/Adscor has been doing works along San Juan River. Had a chance to check the on going works before Lubiran bridge. The works on the other side of sevilla bridge is on going. And the Old sta mesa bridge has been demolished The on ramp along section 3 araneta avenue is also moving, who will be the first one to complete either the section 1 off ramp or the on ramp along araneta? let’s see in the coming months. Two new steel box girders were installed along P73 to P74 (in front of Sanctuarium and Toyota) and there are two additional also being prepared below as seen in the video. A very tall utility pole was erected beside the Toyota property probably for the re alignment of the electric poles, taller than a 12 story building. The developments along Araneta near Del Monte avenue are gaining momentum as more girders were installed and new pier caps were prepared. As for the Sgt Rivera side, more areas are under going pile boring. Activities are also seen in the Cherry Lume warehouse property, demolition on going. And on the C3 – 5th avenue direction rebars for piers are being prepared. The Balintawak to Camachille portion is labelled as Section 5 according to some info i heard.