VIDEO: Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 as of June 2019

Watch the latest update of the Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 as of June 2019. The elevated expressway will connect to the North Luzon Expressway in Quezon City and help cut the travel time between Manila and Clark International Airport in Pampanga. It is set for completion next year (2020).

Here’s an update from Dmitri Valencia:

Section 1
1:20 – The southbound offramp status as of this documentation (nearing completion) and the future site for a toll booth
2:11 – Asphalt works for section 1 has reach after San Andres intersection.
2:19 – There are bored pile activities below (Osmena Hwy) probably the offramp (San Andres)

Section 2A
We could see wonderful developments along section 2A – an on ramp just after Concordia bridge is already visible and almost complete. On Plaza Dilao interchange you could see the future ramp locations.
3:16 – Plaza Dilao Interchange
3:43 – Future site of another ramp along Plaza Dilao
5:06 – Plaza Azul – see the works after Plaza Azul towards Nagtahan bridge
5:31 – The missing link for sec2A and sec2B (Tomas Claudio – Padre Zamora bridge)

Section 2B
This is one of the interesting parts of this massive project. How to pass San Juan river with a time frame and the steel components of #Matiere – As you could see the start of section 2B and double deck transition on
6:21 – Container yard works
7:40 – Pouring on the first Ub girder installed area along section 2B (downstream) – we just documented this last month with a pretty sight of installation, now we see portions of it with concrete pouring, more and more columns have steel coping beam installed from San Juan river – Pasig river towards Lubiran bridge. After Lubiran most of the columns are almost complete.
9:29 – The other side of San Juan river (San Juan side – probably upstream) not much developments…
10:42 – See the last remaining columns and pier head of Section 2B before reaching section 3? (Beside Messa Residence) – two area already complete and the one beside Sm Sta Mesa is being prepared for formworks and pouring. Funny you could see the contractors are using their UB girder as a substitute for I beam. A great way to showcase various usage of the Ub girder.

Section 3
10:54 – the portion of Araneta Avenue is almost done except for the utility poles occupying portions of it and needed to be relocated. The On ramp along Shell Araneta is still not moving…
11:43 – La Funeraria Paz area – i am really surprised on how the contractors are doing here… Massive girders forming the double deck is clearly seen, doing a top shot does not give justice on this so i decided to check out on the side instead. There is still one span left without girders (probably the one in front of Abiva)
14:36 – the incomplete link between section 3 and 4 – still only a few girders installed.

Section 4
16:09 – Araneta ave – Delmonte ave. intersection. After this intersection you could see the developments along this portion of Araneta.
18:00 – Sto Domingo intersection – the area is now moving, more formworks on sthe pier heads being done.. hopefully on the next update we could see them complete with pouring
19:03 – Near Pace academy area – still a long way to go
19:36 – Cherrylume private property
20:07 – A Bonifacio avenue
20:12 – a glmpse along C3 road works

Section 5
20:39 – one of the first precast coping beam has been installed near Ayala Malls – if you observe no much scaffolding occupies this part comparing to the conventional.
21:27 – pile boring works and pouring along NLEX

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