Earth-friendly, Handmade & Upcycled Saku Bags from Cagayan de Oro

Get your earth-friendly, handmade & upcycled Saku bags from Cagayan de Oro.

Sáku is a functional and stylish everyday bag handmade with love from upcycled sako/flour sack that aims to lessen the growing textile pollution.
Supporting their product supports a small skilled family and a PWD.

SupportLocal Enterprise

Sá.ku. is the first handmade product of SuportaLokal Enterprise, a homegrown business of Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

SuportaLokal Enterprise aims to make a difference in people’s lives while doing their part for the environment. As they innovate, they lessen their carbon footprint and make their bags more earth-friendly than it already is, they are also creating jobs along the way.

Earth-friendly product

Sá.ku. (sako) is a ludabi or “bisaya” word for sack which is what this product is made of. The textile industry is creating so much trash that it made them think of helping upcycle to lessen it. Cotton in this sack, and even the clothes you wear, has a huge impact in the environment. Making of one shirt alone uses up 2,700 liters of water which is about 900 days worth of water for a single person.

With that said, instead of these sacks ending up in landfills or polluting the environment, they upcycled it as boho bags – handmade and hand-printed with love. Each bag is unique, with no same print.

Support local

By supporting this product, you will be able to support a very hardworking family whose main skill is hand sewing. Aside from that, you will also be supporting a PWD (deaf-mute). 

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For more details, you can contact 0917 627 8935 or email [email protected].

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