Drone Grocery Delivery in the Philippines During COVID-19 Quarantine

A delivery drone is an autonomous vehicle, or an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), used to transport packages, food or other goods. Drone delivery is the next frontier for eCommerce, with major players like Amazon and Uber investing heavily in the technology.

This is a concept video on how drone grocery delivery can help people buy essential commodities while implementing the “stay at home” policy during the COVID-19 community quarantine/lockdown in the Philippines.

The idea is for the buyer to list the grocery items to purchase, send the list to the supermarket along with the eco-bag and money using a drone. A shopper is standing by at the supermarket drone landing area to receive the grocery list with the eco-bag and money. While the drone is standing by for the grocery items, the supermarket shopper gets the grocery items listed by the buyer, put the items into the eco-bag, pay the items, and return to the drone landing area. When the shopper is back to the drone landing area, the drone lifts the grocery items and activate the “return to home” feature, wherein the drone goes back to the buyer’s home location based on the GPS.

In this concept video, we’re using DJI’s Phantom 4 Pro which can lift approximately 1kg of weight. Other heavy lifting drones can lift up to 18kg – 226kg. The home location (Montierra Subdivision) is approximately 3.0 KM from the supermarket (SM Uptown Supermarket) in Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines.

Special thanks to SM Supermarket for making this Drone Grocery Delivery concept video possible.

Here are some photos of the Drone Grocery Delivery in the Philippines during COVID-19 community quarantine / lockdown.