PHOTOS: Dream House in Cagayan de Oro to be Featured in ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’

Catch the August 5, 2018, episode of GMA-7’s Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS) featuring the dream house of Ken and Kor in Cagayan de Oro that went viral worldwide.

Here are some behind the scenes ground and aerial shots by Project LUPAD team.

Ken and Kor’s dream house is located at Camella Cerritos in Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines.

Here’s the post they shared that went trending worldwide.

Here’s the post from ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’ Facebook page.

Read the full text of the trending post by Ken and Kor below.

“4th Anniversary goals 🏆😊

When the daydreamer meets the go getter💪

Rewind to 4years ago when we started our relationship, we were individually lost and struggling with our careers. I was just living off with my pageantry prizes and modeling rackets. Whenever i won, I just saved it for the rainy days and spent some of it on my everyday expenses living a thug life 😁 There I was, with my daring dreams right in front of me yet i was letting each day pass by like it was just another day. Relax and chill today for there is still tomorrow – was my mantra 😎

You on the other hand were trying to make ends meet with the little that you earned as a nurse. You had to stretch your salary because you had a family to support. I could still remember how exhausted you were, yet at the end of the day dli pajud mabayaran sa imong sweldo ang kahago 💔You were the kind of person who was very determined to be succesful despite the day to day challenge you encountered. You lived each day for a brighter tomorrow, and i admired you so much for that.

so we didnt have bongga dates that often, but we knew that we were madly inlove with each other. I think that was the only thing that mattered to us that time. Mura ra tag ga uyab2 nga way pakialam sa atong status in life basta happy lang ta with what we have, and that we were together.. daog na!

As time passed, little did we know, we were supporting each other and pushing each other to the limits. There was even a time that you would choose from eating or sleeping, because you juggled 2 works at a time. So it was either mapasmo ka or di ka makatulog. Ulitan na kaayo ka and stressed. Pero I embraced your circumstance and reminded you that you are strong enough foe it. Also,there came a time where i felt that my life was getting nowhere ug wala nakoy bilib sa akong self because i believed i was letting my mom down for earning too little. I had to take a leap of faith- and you did not hesitate to jump with me. Wherever I go, you would go. It was a gamble, but we held on tight.
Mura tag buang kay sakyanan, mini refrigerator ug mga sinina ra atong dala sa atong 3days nga byahe. And that my love was indeed the TURNING POINT of our relationship. Gikan cagayan de oro nag landtrip ta and reached luzon, bahala nas wonderwoman… and the rest was history! We made small –to big –to great decisions in life together.

As our love grew deeper, so did we as individuals. I was the visionary and you were the hustler. I would lay out our objectives and you made everything possible. I handle our finances and you are the manpower- TIG ALSA PA JUD SA MGA SAKO 🤣😮. Slowly, we got stable and we were finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Ug na amaze gani kaayo ta diba kay wala lang ta nakamalay nga we have started to build our own fortress without us even noticing. Kanang feeling nga, taysa! Ngano gani ta nakaabot dri? Hahahaha. There was one of our casual but special conversations where we just looked back to where we’ve started, ug hala! Layu na man diay tag naabtan 😢 like literally!
Sus sauna we were lost souls when we met but now, we were able to start a small business, and you now have promising career ahead of you..

And bam! After 4 amazing years together, Naka sugod nata satong #dreamhouse with our #dreamRooms 😍

When it was only me, I’d just dream in a corner. When it was only you, you’d just hustle in a corner. When we were together, we were indestructable 🙂 We are a wonderful team. I am forever grateful 

To my teammate Ken, i love you kaayoOOOO and Im proud of us! TT

Finding a person that complements you is finding love that works.”