Discover Lake Holon: The Golden Cauldron of South Cotabato

In the southern part of Mindanao found in between Surallah and Maasim, hid the treasured beauty of T’boli, South Cotabato. The mystifying and scenic view of the lake unfolds tribal history that makes it one of a kind and a must-visit.

Holon is a T’boli word which means “Deepwater”, it is sanctified by the tribe as it was a stronghold protecting its beauty. Guarded by the 15 guardians of Holon which is represented by the mountains surrounding the lake. The great mountains then formed a 2.9 Kilometre wide caldera with steep walls that rise 200-500m above the lake.

Looking at the map you may find it named as Lake Maughan which nestled on Mt. Melibengoy otherwise known as Mt. Parker. The previous names of the mountain and the lake were named after Frank Parker and Russell Maughan. They are both Military Officers in the United States. This name was associated due to the flight crash incident as they are mapping the area in the year 1930.

Despite the tragic story, Lake Holon still attracts many tourists as it was considered as the “Crowning Jewel of the South”. Its unique geographical location makes it more susceptible to a picture-perfect view that you can enjoy. Aside from the crowned shape structure, when the sun meets the mountains it will slow downtime. It then reflects its golden rays to the lake making it shine like a golden cauldron. It will grant you total serenity.

You may go as a group, couple or just alone as long as you have proper gears and a strong heart to withstand the mesmerizing scenery that awaits you. Visit Lake Holon now! And experience it first hand.

Photos courtesy of LAKE HOLON