Cucina Higala’s 5th Anniversary and Veranda Christmas Lighting Event

Cucina Higala celebrated its 5th anniversary with the Veranda Christmas Lighting event on November 27, 2021.

Despite the downhill in business with the onset of the pandemic, the management of Cucina Higala extended help to all its employees and staff and none of them went jobless. The management is tailored to fit a system that will keep everyone intact and has something to put on their table.

Safety Seal Recipient

Cucina Higala is a Safety Seal recipient, they applied for the certification following the guidelines provided by the IATF, and a thorough inspection was conducted, and by God’s Grace, they got approved.

100% Vaccinated Employees

Just last October they are proud to share that all our employees and staff are 100% vaccinated.

Veranda Christmas Lighting

The Veranda Christmas Lighting intimate event is a manifestation of Cucina Higala’s. Thanksgiving to all their patrons.

Visit Cucina Higala with your family and friends!


Here are some photos of the Veranda Christmas Lighting Event.