Christmas Came Early at Bigby’s with Ball Ham & Roasted Holiday Turkey

The holiday season is here! Celebrate Christmas at Bigby’s with the deliciously prepared Ball Ham now ready to serve you. And to make the holidays more festive, savor the latest addition to their holiday menu, the Roasted Holiday Turkey!

Roasted Holiday Turkey

Each Turkey is kept in a special brine for 48 hours. Made with fresh herbs and yellow lemon for that juicy and tender meat. Before putting it in the oven, they smother it with their special butter mixture for that golden brown skin. And who can forget their stuffing, made with a delicious blend of bread, herbs, and spices?

Feast on and make your holidays super special. Pre-order as early as now.

Price: To be announced soon.

Ball Ham:

Deliciously prepared Ball Ham.

Price: P725


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