A Must Try! New Jollibee Sweet Chili Chicken and Ube Cheese Pie

Have you tried the new Jollibee Sweet Chili Chicken and Jollibee Ube Cheese Pie? Treat your self with the new sweet chili glaze chicken and ube cheese experience.

The new Jollibee Sweet Chili Chicken is coated with sweet chili glaze which gives it a perfect blend of sweet and spicy taste.

Jollibee Sweet Chili Chicken Price:

  • P89 (1 pc solo)
  • P320 (4pc-box)
  • P475 (6pc-box)

The new Jollibee Ube Cheese Pie offers the rich and creamy goodness of savory cheese and sweet, nutty ube, balanced out and elevated by Jollibee’s signature golden, crispy pie crust.

Jollibee Ube Cheese Pie Price:

  • P35 (solo)
  • P100 (3 pies to-go)
  • P199 (6 pies to-go)

Available via Jollibee delivery, drive thru or take out!

*Prices vary

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