Top 30 Slides, Attractions and Amenities at Seven Seas Waterpark

Check out the top 30 attractions, slides, and amenities that you should experience at Seven Seas Waterpark.

Below is a 360° photo highlighting the Seven Seas Waterpark’s top 30 slides, attractions and amenities in no specific order.

  1. Jolly Roger Tower
  2. Riptide Reef (boomerang slide)
  3. Pira-chute (an open spiral slide)
  4. Escape tunnel (an enclosed spiral slide)
  5. Cyclone (the largest waterslide in the Philippines)
  6. Pirate Lookout Tower
  7. Plank drop (first vertical aqua loop slide in the Philippines)
  8. Pacific racer (three tubed speed slides)
  9. Cutlass (100 meter linear waterslide)
  10. Cannonball Run (one of the highest and fastest free fall waterslide in the Philippines)
  11. Sandbox
  12. Moby Dick Whale
  13. Mighty Maui Maelstrom
  14. Mighty Maui River (the longest lazy river in the Philippines at a whopping 400m)
  15. Fuerte de San Agustin
  16. Pirate’s Museum
  17. Treasure Island Garden Maze
  18. Swashbucklers Hut
  19. Ahoy Fastfood
  20. Events Tent
  21. Pirates Caraibes (aqua playhouse)
  22. Captain Kidd’s Hideout (aqua slidehouse)
  23. Crow’s Nest Aerial Bridge
  24. Buccaneer Bay (one of largest dual wave pools in the Philippines)
  25. Vortex Wave Pool
  26. Tsunami Wave Pool
  27. Shipwreck Island
  28. Pirate Cove
  29. Waterworks (Water balloon game)
  30. Treasure Island

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Seven Seas Water Park & Resort is located in Barra, Opol, Misamis Oriental, Philippines.