TCI Group of Companies Investments in Advertising, Real Estate, Services

TC Investments (TCI) is a Philippine holding company with primary investments in advertising, real estate, and services. It also invests in other businesses that are aligned with its objectives or are opportunistic in nature and in businesses that have the potential for high growth opportunities in the emerging Philippine economy. It looks for local and international market leaders or those with the potential to become leaders in their chosen sectors then creates partnerships that generate returns and cashflows.


  • CAT Advertising
  • VV Security
  • JMD Agriculture
  • Southern Arms Guns and Ammo
  • Neptune Manpower
  • VDMJ Real Estate

The team is laying the groundwork and the development of TCI into a highly profitable group of companies.​ In the first four years, TCI has demonstrated its ability to identify unique opportunities and act quickly to secure them.

As it continues to build on these goals, TCI does its role by expanding its core businesses, nation-building, generating employment, business activity, and overall progress wherever it operates. TCI is committed toward continuous improvement by promoting good values and convenience, sustaining growth and inspiring others toward realizing their goals.