PRC-10 License 2 Run: A Huge Success at Macasandig Boulevard

In celebration of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)’s 51st anniversary and PRC Week, PRC Region 10 successfully hosted the much-anticipated “License 2 Run” event on June 16, 2024. The new Macasandig Boulevard in Cagayan de Oro City came alive with the enthusiasm and energy of over 1,400 runners participating in three categories: 3K, 5K, and 10K runs.

Event Highlights

The License 2 Run event was organized by PRC Region 10 in partnership with eChuraAn-One CdeO Runners and Merge Production. This fun run not only celebrated PRC’s milestone anniversary but also promoted health, fitness, and community spirit among professionals and residents in the region.

Participants from various backgrounds and fitness levels joined the race, making it a memorable and inclusive event. Special awards were given to outstanding participants in different categories, adding an extra layer of excitement to the run.

Special Awards and Winners

  1. LGBTQ Award: Joel Sambulon
  2. Barefoot Runner: Prox Degracia
  3. Oldest Participant: Romeo Roelis
  4. Best in Costume: Mark Culanag
  5. Couple Runner: Kir Fabra and Kate Basalo

Top Finishers

3KM Female Category

  1. Jesiel Sugalang
  2. Jen Tartiga
  3. Azshine Obsioma
  4. Vicente Rhaim Mikhaela
  5. Atty. Chona Magaro
  6. Abegail Jaramillo
  7. Summer Storm Horada
  8. Williams, Valkiery Ginniefaye
  9. Oclarit, Jhoane
  10. Catayoc, Nellisa

3KM Male Category

  1. Pausal Renilo
  2. Andrei Laoia
  3. Louise M. Bengat
  4. Devon Bacallan
  5. Romeo Paraquile
  6. Nick Angelo Mira
  7. Orion Culanag
  8. Claude Vincent Ocasla
  9. Joseph Ryan Catian
  10. Mc Ruz Baylon

5KM Female Category

  1. Chinnie Tismo
  2. Rizell Anne Paras
  3. Rechiel Casipong
  4. Lorevic Ortiz
  5. Angel Mae Mahilac
  6. Del Carmen, Shaira
  7. Musama, Sharlaine Joyce
  8. Andrea Paula Udarve
  9. Ann Aubrey Polinar
  10. Trisha Maeu Jumah

5KM Male Category

  1. Dumanglas, Mark Neil
  2. Funtilon, Don Walter
  3. Rouniz Ayo-on
  4. Jay Dala
  5. Elson Rosario
  6. Khent Oscar Lemayon
  7. Francis John Laure
  8. John Miles Salvadera
  9. Jericho Digay
  10. James Dela Cruz

10KM Female Category

  1. Padual, Apple Jane
  2. Basalo, Kate
  3. Gomez, Kathleen Grace
  4. Sipin, Kristel Mae
  5. Oro, May Shell
  6. Rizon, Erlie
  7. Acebu, Rienna Dawn
  8. Repueva, Arvie Joy
  9. Jabiguero, Rhea

10KM Male Category

  1. Sabaiton, Maicu
  2. Digay, Clifford
  3. Rigadio, Shin
  4. Puslawan, Clyde
  5. Sarguil, Jasper
  6. Sambaloa, Javil
  7. Nunez, Dallin Dale
  8. Bisuar, Franz
  9. Yaon, Elnino

A Huge Success

The PRC-10 License 2 Run was a resounding success. It brought together a diverse group of participants and facilitated a sense of community and achievement. Congratulations to all the participants and awardees for making this event a remarkable celebration of fitness and professional camaraderie.

The event highlighted the participants’ physical capabilities and their dedication and commitment to supporting the PRC’s mission and vision. Here’s to many more successful events in the future, celebrating milestones and promoting health and unity in the community.

Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming events from PRC Region 10 and its partners.