VIDEO: Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 as of April 2019

Watch the latest update of the Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 as of April 2019. The elevated expressway will connect to the North Luzon Expressway in Quezon City and help cut the travel time between Manila and Clark International Airport in Pampanga. It is set for completion next year (2020).

Here’s an update from Dmitri Valencia:

This year will be an exciting year as we see fast developments on all 5 sections of the mega infrastructure project.

Will break down the time code here and my observations:

0:14 – Along the first part of section 1 (as of documentation) the first part that was opened to the public was closed so asphalt works can commence.
1:43 – Works along the offramp (sb) – still lacking girders while others have steel deck installed.
2:17 – check out this area, probably a toll plaza will be built here.. hoping it wont create a bottle neck
3:18 – this is very satisfying to see, only two more steel box girders remain to be installed along span 88 to 89

Section 2A
3:48 – Works around plaza dilao
4:23 – Concordia Bridge NB seems to be ready for an opening in weeks to come , at least no more bottleneck
4:53 – Plaza Azul area

Section 2B
6:04 – As you could see, on going pouring on Tomas Claudio area.
6:26 – Container yeard works
7:11 – reaching Pasig river
7:53 – The old hanging bridge has been removed along San Juan river (connecting Punta Sta Ana and Bacood Sta Mesa – Manila) It will be replaced by a stronger bridge according the Mr Gouvary.
9:08 – The Sevilla bridge was lifted to make way for the barge to pass. Unfortunately that was done during night time.
10:09 – Upstream San Juan river works
10:59 – San Juan bridge as of this documentation

Section 3
12:32 – Current status of the on ramp NB – Araneta avenue
13:15 – You could see how the double decker would look like here, such a beautiful image. Unfortunately for the surrounding area, it will be dark as the skylight will be covered by this multi level elevated road.
15:07 – the steel box girder along Quezon Avenue intersection – pouring done.

Section 4
17:28 – Delmonte Araneta intersection – girder installation has pass through Del Monte.
18:16 – Closer checking this portion of section 4, you could see elevation transition
19:44 – Works along Sgt Rivera
20:56 – The private property structure has been removed to make way for the main line towards A Bonifacio / section 5. It makes me wonder how will be the condition of the red roof house where the pier head occupied a portion of, will that structure be still inhabitable? Will the structure compromise the pier head?
21:50 – works along C3 (going to 5th avenue)

Section 5
22:24 – Balintawak interchange works
23:29 – pile boring activity along NLEX before Camachille flyover

There are structures being demolished along A bonifacio, will post images on the community sections. Are these structures going to be affected by Skyway?

You could see the complete stage 3 route on the waze, please make time to check and research the map also.

Drone pilot: xvsky | dmitrivalencia