Level-Up Your Glamping Experience at Taglucop Strawberry Hills

Situated in Marilog District, Kitaotao, Bukidnon, the Taglucop Strawberry Hills is your sweet escape over the weekend. As the temperature drops, you will feel how the weather of Baguio City kisses your skin. The foggy ambiance in the morning is creating a transcending effect as it unravels the beauty of nature. The sun slowly smiles at you in the morning, recharging your stressed body over your workloads. 

Photos courtesy of Taglucop Strawberry Hills

The Strawberry fields make you want to do your homemade strawberry jam. With the cold temperature and the richness of the soil in the place, it has given the strawberry’s the perfect home to grow. Out from the fields you can enjoy the fresh-picked berries in their view deck beside its iconic human-size strawberry statue. Aside from that, you can also enjoy your meals at their industrialized rustic feel two-story dining hall. All the things that your eyes can reach are instagramable.

Photos courtesy of Taglucop Strawberry Hills

To top-notch your camping experience, Taglucop Strawberry Hills offers you the first-ever luxurious glamping experience in Bukidnon. As the highlight in the hills takes over leveling up your glamping experience. Its 28sqm geodesic glamping dome tent features a homelike stay that can accommodate eight (8) persons. The transparent window will make you enjoy the stars over the night sky of Kitaotao and the mystifying foggy morning.

For a quick FAQ here is the list of information you need to know before going to the Taglucop Strawberry Hills:

Day Visit

Day visit with full course lunch or dinner is P650 per person. The snack is P390. Breakfast P450. All-inclusive of the entrance fee. Prior booking is required. No walk-in or sightseeing only to avoid overcrowding.


The Glamping is now on soft opening. Rate is P8,800 per tent good for 4 persons with free breakfast. If two pax only P7,800.  Tents are 28 sqm and can accommodate up to 8pax. They’ll charge P1,200 per person in excess of 4 for extra beddings and breakfast. Kids 6 yrs old and below and without extra bed are free of charge. 7-10 yrs and with an extra bed 30% off. The Glamping is now on soft opening. Rate is P8,800 per tent good for 4 persons with free breakfast. If two pax only P7,800. 

Full payment is required to confirm a booking.

  • Check-in: 3:30 PM
  • Check-out: 10:30 AM


  • Strawberry welcome drinks
  • Welcome grazing cheese and cold cuts platter
  • Mineral water
  • Complimentary wine
  • Optional: (with additional fees)
    • Bonfire with s’mores and sausages. (P550)
    • Strawberry picking Experience (P450/box)
  • No food or beverages from outside allowed. This is to maintain cleanliness at the glamping site. They have a resto to serve you.


Taglucop Strawberry Hills is located in Brgy. Lorega in Buda area. Around 1.5- hr drive from Davao City. From Davao, they are after Seagul valley, before Cloud 99 and fronting Buda Vista. After Sofia’s or Reel Place you will see our signage on the right-hand side. Take that right turn. They are just around 200 meters from the highway. All-weather road. Passable even through small cars. They have their own parking lot at the farm.

Strawberry picking

The strawberries are ever-bearing, meaning they have fruits every time (no season) but considering the number of visitors. they are not yet sufficient to allow all our guests to pick. For now, it is on a first-come-first-served basis. And picking is subject to management prerogative. They are currently expanding to cater to all.

Level-up your glamping experience now! and include Taglucop Strawberry Hills in your bucket list.

Photos courtesy of Taglucop Strawberry Hills