VIDEO: Forest Fire at Dahilayan and Sil-ipon in Bukidnon Aerial View

Watch an aerial view of the forest fire at Dahilayan and Sil-ipon areas in Bukidnon.

According to Mr. Elpidio Paras, “the strong winds from the east have fanned a brush fire caused by some reckless individual and almost destroyed our area where we planted 10,000 pine trees. Fortunately we were able to instantly assemble a reaction force made up of Manolo Fortich BFP personnel, barangay officials and local volunteers, who were able to put out the fire before sundown. Let us all be vigilant and protect the forests around the Mt. Kitanglad area! Thank you to our volunteers!!”

Check out more photos below.

Drone pilot: Elpidio M. Paras