“KALSADA” a Short Film on Turning Dreams Into Reality

Have you watched the short film “Kalsada”? An inspiring story about turning dreams into reality.

At SECKKA Builders, Inc, every project that they do is a dream come true. From the construction workers up to the Project Engineers and the office staff, they invest their talents, skills, and commitment to help clients achieve their dreams – may it be a dream home, dream commercial building, dream commercial development or even government projects that becomes an instrument of making dreams come true. As SECKKA employees work on your dream, you are making their dream possible too, for SECKKA – to deliver a world-class construction service and turn dreams into reality.

About SECKKA Empire Builders

SECKKA Empire Builders, Inc is part of the SECKKA Group of Companies, a homegrown family corporation based in Mindanao, Tagum City, Philippines.

SECKKA Group of Companies Vice President and SECKKA Empire Builders Inc’ CEO, Cherryanne Lee Angoy believes in adopting new and innovative technology, sustainable and value engineering, benchmarking, and continuous education to be competitive and continue to evolve with industry trends because they don’t settle for anything less than excellence. At SECKKA, they value their brand, and their company culture, employee experience and most of all customer experience.

They are proud of their humble beginnings from the Sipag (Hard Work), Tiyaga (dedication), Diskarte (Strategy), and Prayer (Dasal) of their founders, Samuel Uy Angoy and Ester Lee Angoy. What started with one company over 22 years ago has now grown into SECKKA Group of companies and engages in several verticals that include commercial rental, retail, tourism, and construction verticals.

What sets them apart, situated in the heart of Apokon, Tagum City, the SECKKA Empire Builders is a company of new ideas, technology, and a new breed of engineers that are expert at project management and led by an innovative and visionary leader (Cherryanne Lee Angoy) who strives to always go for excellence toward whatever project they do, no matter how big or small – What matters most is for SECKKA Builders to be an instrument in turning your dreams into reality.

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