VIDEO: Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 as of February 2019

Here’s the latest progress update of the Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 as of February 2019. The elevated expressway will connect to the North Luzon Expressway in Quezon City and help cut the travel time between Manila and Clark International Airport in Pampanga. It is set for completion next year (2020).

Update from Dmitri Valencia:

We skipped the section 1 Osmena area since below is almost done (electrical , storm drain, lay by.. ) but we did added a snippet of the off ramps on the south bound of Osmena Highway.
New steel box girders were installed along Quirino Avenue and the entire stretch is almost covered now.

1:50 As of this documentation probably new aashto girders will be installed too…
3:05 We can see 4 levels in this section, the middle one could be an off-ramp for vehicles going to SB (Alabang). – RB
4:29 – future Nagtahan Interchange – RB
5:43 – This area will be very interesting… soon you would see not only the skyway but the other major infrastructure connected on this portion too… High hopes on this area
6:11 – Container yard developments
6:28 – San Juan river works / you could see installed piers on the middle of the river and their height. We also included what we witness which is the pile boring and the installation of the steel coping beam which is a foreign design used on the skyway
7:53 – witnessing an actual pile boring activity and pouring of concrete
11:23 – Section 3 araneta avenue
11:32 – rotated pier heads
12:08 – Araneta Avenue On-ramp. This one seems to have a problem especially the abutment. – RB
13:45 – Bi-level Interchange. The mainline will proceed at the top most level while the exit and entry would be on the lower elevated portion. It may have a toll plaza based on the number of girders and how wide the coping beam is. – RB
14:50 – Rotated pier head – sosorbahu
15:36 – Quezon Avenue NB on-ramp seems to commence contruction once again based on the concreted portion of the creek area. Look to your left. – RB
16:58 – finally girders installed along the Del Monte Ave x Araneta Ave intersection.
18:02 – Del Monte Toll Plaza section I guess. As you can see, the pillars seem to have an alternate pattern. One pillar is only a single level while the following is double-decker and the next one is single level again and so on….. – RB
20:33 – Seems to be an off-ramp along Sgt. Rivera Street. Look closely to your right. – RB
21:26 – Notice the pillars on the center island. It may be an on-ramp from 5th Avenue or extension. This one should be connected to Segment 10 to utilize interconnectivity and sense as an on-ramp wouldn’t make sense though. It should be a spur-road towards North Harbor and connected to Segment 10 for more decongestion or alternatively, the spur-road observation of mine should construct an on and off-ramp for it along 5th avenue. – RB
21:37 – private property on going demoliton section 4
23:02 – Tall Pillars for Section 5. – RB
23:27 – Entering NLEX as we see the other developments for section 5

Drone pilot: xvsky | dmitrivalencia