Higalaay Festival’s Fitness Finest: 1st Body Building Competition

The vibrant city of Cagayan de Oro came alive on August 5, 2023, as fitness enthusiasts and spectators gathered at the Lifestyle District for the inaugural CDO Physique and Building Competition. Part of the highly anticipated Higalaay Festival events, the competition showcased a display of determination, dedication, and outstanding physical prowess. The event was graced by esteemed guests, City Councilor Jay Roa Pascual and City Councilor John Michael Seno, who added to the excitement of the event. Let’s dive into the highlights of this exhilarating fitness extravaganza and celebrate the remarkable winners across various categories.

With participants displaying awe-inspiring feats of strength and discipline, the competition was a testament to the power of dedication and hard work.

As Cagayan de Oro City continues to embrace a culture of health and fitness, this competition will undoubtedly play a significant role in motivating individuals to pursue their fitness goals with unwavering determination.

Amateur Physique Open Category

In the Amateur Physique Open category, the stage was set for an intense showdown among competitors striving to achieve their best physiques. Earl Buddy Dondoyano emerged as the undisputed champion, with an awe-inspiring display of muscle definition and symmetry. Rope Tanduyan secured 1st place, followed closely by Richard Vacalares in 2nd place. The 3rd and 4th positions were claimed by Marvin Dela Cruz and Daryl Makinano, respectively. These athletes exemplified the dedication and discipline required to excel in this challenging category.

Category Breakdown: Small and Tall

The competition was further divided into two height-based categories – Small (5’6 and below) and Tall (5’6.1 and above), recognizing the unique attributes of each group. In the Small category, Paul Cesar Delez emerged as the champion, showcasing an impressive balance of muscularity and proportion. Boby Vergara, Jul Salinas, Kevin Bros Labanon, and Jerome Dayday secured the 1st to 4th positions, respectively.

Aiman Dipatuan stood tall, both figuratively and literally, as the champion in the Tall category. His remarkable stature and sculpted physique captivated the judges. Warren Caballero, Jimmy Duran, Earl Buddy Dondoyano, and Rope Tanduyan secured their places from 1st to 4th, showcasing their exceptional dedication to their craft.

Bikini Open and Body Building Novice Categories

The event also celebrated the prowess of female competitors in the Bikini Open category. Loxin Sanchez claimed the title of Bikini Open Champion, exuding confidence and strength. Joan Janao, Keszlee Abubaycar, Donna Mae A. Turco, and Gina Lynn Endere rounded out the top spots in the category.

The Body Building Novice category witnessed fierce competition among rising stars. Jay A. Jaladil emerged victorious as the champion, with Jerme Dayday, Kevin Bros Labanon, Gail Gua-An, and Kean Wister B. Tute securing their respective positions.

Grand Finale: Body Building Open Category

The pinnacle of the event was the Body Building Open category, where the most elite athletes battled for supremacy. Jonas Libago claimed the champion’s title, showcasing an unparalleled combination of muscle mass and aesthetics. Jay A. Jaladil secured the 1st place, with Jun Salinas and Warren Caballero following closely in 2nd and 3rd places, respectively. The 4th position was secured by Jelwin Caballero.

The 1st CDO Physique and Building Competition, held as part of the Higalaay Festival, not only celebrated the remarkable physical achievements of the competitors but also highlighted the dedication and discipline required to excel in the world of fitness. The event was a resounding success, drawing athletes, enthusiasts, and spectators alike to witness the embodiment of strength and determination. As the city of Cagayan de Oro continues to flourish, this competition will undoubtedly become a hallmark event in the local fitness calendar, inspiring generations to pursue their fitness goals with passion and commitment.