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VIDEO: Aerial Flood Damage Assessment of Tropical Storm Vinta in Cagayan de Oro

Witness a bird’s-eye view of the flood damage brought by Tropical Storm Vinta in Cagayan de Oro City last December 22, 2017. Flood affected areas in the video: 1. Balulang Area 2. Balulang – Macasandig Bridge 3. Tibasak / Macasandig Area 4. Nazareth Area 5. Rodelsa Circle 6. Kagay-an Bridge 7. Liceo de Cagayan University […]

VIDEO: Rise Cagayan de Oro January 2017 Flood Aftermath

An aerial documentary detailing how Cagayan de Oro and the survivors of the flood are recovering after a prolonged heavy rain devastated some parts of the City.