Lupad means “fly” in Cebuano or Visayan language.

Founded on June 6, 2016, Project LUPAD (League of Unmanned Philippine Aerial Drones) is the codename for an initiative that aims to develop a new perspective on how we see the world through drone technology. We change the way people see the world with our videos and photos. Our humble beginning and passion for excellence helped us deliver the best videography and photography. Your overwhelming support makes us produce more and better aerial videos and photos. We are advo­cates for bring­ing aware­ness what drones can pro­vide in the world.

Today, we go beyond what drones can do with new perspectives. We now have 360-degree, ground, and underwater perspectives.

The entire Philippines is our studio, but our home is in Cagayan de Oro.

Here are some recognitions we got throughout the years.

Most Unique Businesss Concept in ACADEO's Choice Awards.

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